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Dry Eye Syndrome, Causes and Symptoms


Dry eye syndrome


What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome happens when the eye doesn’t create enough tears or the structure of tears is unusual.

The tear film is a basic part of guaranteeing the general health of the visual surface. It purges, greases up, and feeds the surface of the eye just as ensures it against infection. Both the quality and amount of the tears must be sufficient to guarantee a healthy and clear refractive surface fundamental for good vision.

Constant dry eye can prompt harm of the eye surface, an expanded danger of eye diseases, and blurred vision

Notwithstanding being called dry eye syndrome, dry eye sickness, or essentially “dry eye,” elective medical terms used to portray dry eyes include:

  • Keratitis sicca is Generally used to portray dryness and irritation of the cornea.
  • Keratoconjunctivitis sicca Used to depict dry eye that influences both the cornea and the conjunctiva.
  • Dysfunctional tear syndrome Used to underscore that the deficient quality of tears can be similarly as significant as an insufficient amount.

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